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Welcome to The GEEK Reports!

The Geek Reports Logo

Our iPhone 3G Contest has Ended!

Well, the time has come to pick the winner of our iPhone 3G! Take a look at the Geek Contests page to find out who won. Special thanks to for helping. 

The world is filled with all kinds of geeks. There are those that love gaming, those that love computers, those that love gadgets, and many, many more. Some are combination-geeks, loving a variety of geeky things. We at TheGEEKreports are here to satisfy all of your needs, providing you info, reviews, news, and anything else we can come up with to FEED-your-GEEK. We understand that this special breed need a place to call home; a place where they can sit back, relax, plug-in, and Unleash-their-Geek without worrying about the pressures of society. We know who you are and are glad you have arrived at your new home...TheGEEKreports.

What kind of GEEK are you?

The Gaming GEEK

TheGEEKreports caters to all kinds of gamer-geeks on the market. We will bring any gaming news as soon as we find it. Our labs will also spend hard, long hours playing the games you don't want to spend wasteful money on so you can make an educated decision to buy, or walk away. Let us put in the blood, sweat, and tears grinding our thumbs against control sticks and D-pads so we can let you know if your game is cool.

Gamers don't just want to know how good games are; they want to know what hardware works well with gaming. No problem...We will review different gaming hardware for you to check out at your leisure. Later on, theGEEKreports labs will be compiling a list of budget gaming systems to save the average geek money. After all, we don't want you to get fragged too often because you don't have Bill Gates' salary.

Potential Places of Interest

Gaming News
Game Reviews

The Mobile GEEK

Are you a geek on the go? Do you carry your geekness on you like a badge everywhere you go? Are you the kind of geek that has to have the latest phone, PDA, or laptop at all times? Then this is the Geek-Report for you my friend. Here TGR will provide you with the latest scoops on stuff from wireless phones to laptops, and other mobile geek gadgets. Thinking about getting a new smartphone? TGR is constantly pounding the pavement looking for the latest news, devices, gadgets and everything else in the mobile technology world to help you make the best decisions on what to carry next. We know you, heck, we are you... and we know that you are buying yourself a new toy every pay period. We commend you Mobile Geek, and are proud to give you a section or two dedicated to you, right here on!

Potential Places of Interest

Mobile News Blackberry Geeks
Mobile Hardware Reviews (Coming Soon!)

The Security GEEK

Security on the Internet has become a vastly growing concern. Whether you are a knowledgeable and highly accomplished guru of security, or a newbie trying to figure out what is right for you, theGEEKreports has your information. We work hard to bring you the latest security info available on the web, and offer our opinions on basic security matters. In addition, our labs constantly review the latest security software available to find out what is best suited for our geeks.

Potential Places of Interest

Security Corner
Security Software

The Computer GEEK

There are so many software packages out there that make getting the right one for you very difficult. Don't worry anymore. We review the latest software titles and give our objective opinion so you can make an educated decision. If you don't see what you are looking for, let us know, and we will add it to the list for review. Overall, we want you to be knowledgeable of your purchase before you buy. After all, if you loose money on a bad software purchase, that is less you will have to spend on new gadgets and gizmo's.

Software isn't the only thing you love to know about. TheGEEKreports labs reviews hardware for your PC so you can find out what is hot, and what is not. We will also be building rigs for budget use and link the hardware we used so you can get it built for yourself if you like. Our hardware reviews are performed as objectively as possible and we try to keep the reviews more informational rather than opinionated. Please forgive us if we get on an occasional rant, though. You know how geeks can get.

Potential Places of Interest

Software Reviews
Hardware Reviews


Some geeks don't yet know what they are interested in, yet they find themselves buried in the Internet starving for ideas and sponging up knowledge wherever they can find it. If that is you, then browse around theGEEKreports and you will probably find something to sooth your thirst.

We showcase the coolest gadgets we can find, and bring them to you in our Geek Gadgets section.

We also work hard to bring you breaking geek news. Check out our Geek News articles for your latest food for thought. You never know what gold nugget you might find hidden in those pages.

If there is something you would like to see on, just drop a line on our Contact Us page. We will do our best to get the info you desire.

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Geek Contest - We like to give away our geeky goods!
TheGEEKreports geek contest page. Check back here to find out what we are giving away this time.

Gaming News - The GEEK pit stop for the latest in gaming
We bring you the latest gaming news we can find. See it all, right here!

Geek News - Feed your hunger for the latest cool news
We find the latest GEEK news to feed your brain. Take a look at our latest articles at theGEEKreports.

Mobile News
This section is dedicated to those Geeks out there who are always on the move! We'll keep you posted on the latest "must know" mobile news for the mobile geek!

Blackberry Geeks
The Page Dedicated to Blackberry Geeks! You know who you are! Take a look around, and you might just find something to throw on that Berry of yours.

Game Reviews - What's hot and what's not on theGEEKreports
See the latest game reviews at We spend time reviewing games that are good and bad so you can spend your money wisely.

Hardware Reviews - Make a good choice before you buy
Welcome to the TGR computer hardware reviews page. Here, we take a look at pc hardware and let you know how it sums up to our expectations. If you need to know what hardware is the best choice for you

The GEEK Reports Software Reviews
Where the GEEKS will review the latest software reviews, giving you the low-down on the good, the bad, and the ugly!

Geek Gadgets - Check out the coolest gadgets for your GEEK!
We check out the coolest geek gadgets to sooth the savage beast. If we use it, then it has got to be fit for a geek.

PC Security Corner - Your guide to computer security
Here we discuss the latest pc security trends and tips to help keep your computer safe.

Security Software Reviews - Your guide for computer security.
Get the latest security software reviews for your favorite internet security software. We review different suites and give the pros and cons of each one so you can choose the best.

Contact Us
There is where you can contact!

Your 411 on everything GEEK. We post the latest news, reviews, tips & tricks on gaming, technology, gadgets, and anything else we can get our hands on.

Blog of Tobeus
Check out what is on the latest mind of our Master GEEK Tobeus. Don't read too much or blood will shoot out of your nose!

The Mind of Mojo
See what is going on inside Mojo's head. Beware...

Gamer Girl Rant - Adelpheansis's Blog
Read the rants of our favorite Gamer Girl, Adelpheansis.

Geek House Blog - Inside the tech master's noggin.
Every day a new idea enters the mind of the tech master Ghephetto. Take a look and see what his latest idea is.

Welcome to the GEEK Store - SHOW your GEEK
You wanted GEEK clothes and other fun stuff... Now you have it! Welcome to the GEEK store. SHOW your GEEK!

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